Why our customers

choose One Kitchen?
Saves Money.
Eating out less and ordering takeout less frequently saves our customers money!
Makes Cooking Fun.
Learning about new techniques and ingredients really improves the cooking experience.
Brings People Together.
Our customers love cooking for their friends & family, and coming together over a delicious meal.
Saves Time.
Our customers spend less time shopping for groceries and planning meals.
Fosters Adventurous Eaters
Our chefs introduce new unique recipes for our customers to discover and experience.
Creates Healthy Habits.
Our customers are eating healthier, with fresher ingredients, and cooking more at home.

A Little Story

About Us

One Kitchen is a Toronto-based dinner delivery service that sources the freshest, pre-portioned ingredients right to your door. Our mission is to eliminate some of life’s daily stresses and deliver the ultimate cooking experience. We’re young, we love food and we understand our customers’ dinner desires. There are no hidden agendas or corporate clichés. We pride ourselves on strengthening the bond between families, friends, loved ones, and strangers with our orange boxes of joy. Neither one of us is a chef. Neither one of us is an Ivy League PhD graduate with 20 years of experience in the meal kit industry. We are just two best friends, tired of watching other companies charge insane prices for the smallest of portions (or as Mike would say it “vending machine meals”). Let’s face it. Take out, frozen dinners and Grandma’s leftover meatloaf just won’t cut it.

Our founders

mike ter-grigoryan

Mike is driven by his passion for family, friends and work. He sets high goals for himself and those around him. Mike unites all the necessary components to ensure our team delivers a perfect product to your door. He believes the most valuable trait of One Kitchen is to bond families, friends and loved ones through food.

mike celenza

Mike’s love for food and people is the driving force behind his success. His creativity and resourcefulness help One Kitchen deliver the ultimate cooking experience. Whether it is collaborating with our local partners, developing new marketing tactics or helping our delivery staff, Mike is always on the move.

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